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Joyful Spa Days

for all participants

For Pawrents

Coat care at home from the basics to a full-body trim.

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For Breeders

Help your puppy pawrents prepare for smooth grooming expereinces!

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For Groomers

Specialize in Wholesome Grooming! Get free handouts! Get certified!

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For Vets, Vet Techs

Learn to trim and file nails with 100% accuracy!

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What Is Wholesome Grooming?

Involving canine, client, and care provider in the ways grooming experience is set up.


A tired doggy is a satisfied, calm, and cooperative doggy.


A relieved doggy is a cooperative doggy.


For pawrents, canines, care providers.


A low-distraction environment aids a calm and cooperative dog.


Treats, toy, lick mat, a room with a view, belly, butt, ear rubs...


A designated spa spot will further focus doggy attention on the task at hand.


Past and current experiences influence cooperation for a spa day at the moment and in the future. 


Dog-lead grooming. Approaching canine behavior with compassion, stopping and changing the game plan as needed.