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"When we translate behavior into feelings and needs and come up with strategies that meet every team player's needs, dogs, and care providers alike will feel understood, respected, and safe. Everybody will be way more likely to cooperate willingly." ~Betty Peto

My name is Betty Peto, aka the Groomer Chick. I own the Wholesome Doodle Spa, I am the founder of Doodle Grooming Academy and Wholesome Grooming Academy. I am a professional dog groomer since 2010 and have almost ten years of dog training experience. I am also a dog mom. My "nakedoodle," Toki, is a Malinois. He is my daily inspiration for mindfulness and my trainer for fast reflexes.

Having the opportunity to see and experience grooming and training facilities inside and out with this unique mix of perspectives, I designed a grooming method to help connect and communicate across species (verbal and body language) based on the "working with" rather than the "doing to" philosophy.

I soon recognized doodle pawrents' eagerness to learn how to care for their doodles. Not only that, but we realized our spirits were aligned since pawrents were looking for compassionate methods that are brushing the coat and stroking the soul. The questions at drop-offs, the conversations at pickup time, in emails, on forums, the private sessions, the mini-group sessions evolved to be Doodle Grooming Academy today.

When I am not grooming, I spend a lot of time in our backyard playing fetch and keep away with Toki, giving ear rubs to our three cats, Mr. Chips, Pupak, and Luna, and butt rubs to our nine hens with benefits. I am the Crazy Spider Plant Landy after work hours. I love to swim, hike, occasionally dust off my sawing machine to create doggy and human clothes and apparel, and have a passion for supporting compassionate communication (Giraffe language) in my free time.

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