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"I've done some things I wouldn't have done
in case I knew then what I since have learned."

Marshall Rosenberg

Did you know that
this angling is the
#1. reason for
hitting the quick


The Elephant in the Room

It is frustrating that the grooming literature lacks in-depth details and a logical and trustworthy nail trimming method.
That deficiency results in more errors than we all would like (groomers, canines, owners alike).
Mistakes and pain cause more resentment on either end of the nail clipper,
so the fear and shame are just building up.


"You do the best you can until you know better.
Then, when you know better, do better!"

Maya Angelou

The Resolution Has Arrived

Ready for a fun pawdicure?

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Let's get that
"Blood Loss Score" down to

less than 3 drops per 20k nail trims,
shall we?

Layers of a

Safe and Joyful Nail Care

* Understanding Dog Nail Types
* Choosing the Right Nail Care Tools
Positioning of the paws
* Nail Trimming Method
* Angling of the nail clipper
* Training and Exercise for the Canine
(to mention a few)

Nail it!

Book and Complimentary Online Course

Nail care is explained on over 250 pages, including over 250 colored, high-resolution images. In-depth nail anatomy with dozens of macro pictures of dog nail layers.
10+ nail drawings, dog, paw, nail, clipper positioning, trimming techniques,
and filing methods. Behavior modification and a complimentary online course to see how the Pawdicure method works.

Nail it! is your one-stop shop for effective and joyful nail care.

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